portp8xlsIf you got here looking for the “DSP Dimension” wondering why you ended up on a seemingly totally unrelated site – this is it.

This blog initially started out as “The DSP Dimension”, a platform for online courses and tutorials on Digital Signal Processing in 1999 as part of my lectures on audio DSP held at various institutions around Germany. The DSP Dimension quickly became a standard resource for specialized DSP topics like time stretching and pitch shifting and in fact became quite popular as part of online resources and papers written on the topic.

In 2014 the DSP Dimension was acquired by Zynaptiq, a German startup combining artificial intelligence and audio processing that I co-founded together with Denis Gökdag in 2011. Today I am working as the CTO at Zynaptiq LI in Lindau/Bavaria, overseeing the DSP part of all of Zynaptiq’s products.

I am providing this blog in the hopes that it might still be useful 15+ years after its original inception, and I am looking forward to writing a bit more about DSP topics here if I can find the time. While you’re here I would like to invite you to check out our products, if you are into audio DSP or music production. And of course I’d like to hear from you, so please leave a comment (where possible).

Thank you!
Stephan Bernsee