smbPitchShift Bumped Up to Version 1.2

Posted by neuronaut on October 18, 2006

October, 2006 — We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of version 1.2 of our smbPitchShift code. Version 1.2 fixes some long standing minor issues with initialization bounds, unused variables and sound quality when upshifting the pitch by larger factors. If your project uses the code make sure you replace the old version with the new one available from our download page. If you did not change the code from the original distribution this should be a simple replace.

2 Comments to smbPitchShift Bumped Up to Version 1.2

  • Eventually, yes (after a very long time, however). I didn’t want to complicate matters more than necessary by re-wrapping the values in gSumPhase, and it doesn’t really have any consequence on the result because sin() and cos() are periodic. If you intend to use the code in an actual product you will want to re-wrap the phase to increase the precision of sin() and cos() which would otherwise deteriorate with time.