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Tom Zicarelli Releases AudioGraph (iOS)

Posted by neuronaut on December 08, 2011
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Mainz, Germany, December 8th, 2011 — Software developer Tom Zicarelli has released an open source iOS audio processing graph demonstration called “audioGraph”. According to the author the work is in part based on the DSP Dimension pitch shifting tutorial.

You can find more information on the software at http://zerokidz.com/audiograph and a demonstration video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApJktPS02-Q

Get the code from https://github.com/tkzic/audiograph

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ActionScript3 Version of smbPitchShift Available

Posted by neuronaut on August 27, 2009
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Mainz, August 27th, 2009 – Arnaud Gatouillat has posted an ActionScript3 port of our smbPitchShift code from the “Pitch Shifting Using the Fourier Transform” tutorial on his web site at http://iq12.com/blog/2009/08/25/real-time-pitch-shifting/. If you have Flash 10 installed on your computer you can run it directly off his web site in real time. Source code is also available.

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Pitch Shifting Using The Fourier Transform

Posted by neuronaut on September 21, 1999
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cubeWith the increasing speed of todays desktop computer systems, a growing number of computationally intense tasks such as computing the Fourier transform of a sampled audio signal have become available to a broad base of users. Being a process traditionally implemented on dedicated DSP systems or rather powerful computers only available to a limited number of people, the Fourier transform can today be computed in real time on almost all average computer systems. Continue reading…

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Time Stretching And Pitch Shifting of Audio Signals – An Overview

Posted by neuronaut on August 18, 1999
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cubeThis tutorial gives a brief overview of the most popular algorithms used for achieving time stretching and pitch shifting in a musical context, along with their advantages and disadvantages. We provide audio examples to demonstrate common artifacts and effects associated with these processes, and provide pointers to papers and other resources on the net. Continue reading…

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